Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Uncertainty: Necessary in life and in fiction.

Nothing is certain, till life draws the curtain.
Changes in plans are the norm.
Goals are nice, but a throw of the dice
Can thwart the intentions you form.

Rewrites are a must; do them or bust
As new light on your info is shed.
If you're not retelling, you may be rebelling
Over changes you need make to the thread.

But in writing as in life, trouble is rife.
Roadblocks and hurdles appear.
Learn to adjust; to survive, it's a must.
You'll grow as you work through your fear.

And because you have earned every lesson you've learned
You life and your book are improved.
The wisdom of age has made you a sage
And your reader will likewise be moved.  

By the rimers of JMH.

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