Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Confessions of a Dreamer, in rhyme

I like to dream; I do it a lot.
Work gets done in my mind, but not
in the world where I must work
and feel guilty when I shirk.

Books get written in my mind
and to a lesser extent you'll find
real tomes appear, but they're just a few
of all the ones I plan to do.

Ideas come, but I am slow
to act on them so the world might know
what I am actually capable of
writing the things I hate and love.

I get distracted, mostly by doubt
making it hard to get my work out.
And when I find courage, my words to share
I worry a lot that no one will care. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jilted, an anonymous poem

Little did I know that night,
that love would come with laughter
nor that tears were in the wings
when sorrow followed after.

All the times were so much fun
the months you courted me
And so I gradually fell in love
when I thought love could not be.

So powerfully that love took hold
I gave heart and soul to you.
'Twas then your love for me grew cold
and you told me we were through.

To another you would to be true
and faithful to the end
and all that you could offer me
was just to be my friend.

Confused and with a broken heart
I cried like ne'er before.
With passion such as I loved you,
I vowed I'd love no more.

And though many years have come and gone
And I've gotten over you,
To that vow I made that night
I have been and still am true.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Danni's Choice

 Coming soon as an ebook on Smashwords and on Amazon's Kindle

Seventeen-year-old Danni, subjected to the horror every woman fears the most, faces the most difficult of all choices – to keep or abort a child. The choice is taken from her by threats of harm to her small sister unless she does as her perpetrators direct. Constantly burdened with fear of harm to her sister, Britt, she struggles to continue her education and create a life better than the one she’d grown up with. And Captain, the boy who was once her best friend—and unwitting partner in crime—remains ever in her thoughts. Did he think of her at all? 

This sequel to The Body in the Freezer (Raven Publishing, 2014) takes place three years later and is seen from alternating viewpoints, as Danni and Captain are separated by more than a thousand miles—and ordered by the court not to be in contact with each other until Danni turns eighteen and is off probation. 

Danni's choice comes with a strong warning, for it is not intended for the usual 8- to12-year-old fans of Janet Muirhead Hill's Miranda and Starlight series of horse stories.

You will see this warning on the first page. 


This book’s adult content includes sex and violence

and confronts serious and controversial moral issues.

Not for children 12 and under!
We rate it PG 13

because bad things can happen
in junior high, too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


     by R. Grieves

She lies there in lace
With a frown on her face
Trying to trace where she's been.

Her life is 'most over
And she's not walked in clover
Nor White Cliffs of Dover she's seen.

In quiet times she's haunted
By things that she wanted
And now feels taunted by them

She's let others decide
Then has had to abide,
Never to ride on a whim.

Now the chances are gone
And won't again dawn
As more regrets spawn in her head.

The message she's giving
Is to live while you're living
Avoiding misgivings when dead.