Monday, April 27, 2015

Jilted, an anonymous poem

Little did I know that night,
that love would come with laughter
nor that tears were in the wings
when sorrow followed after.

All the times were so much fun
the months you courted me
And so I gradually fell in love
when I thought love could not be.

So powerfully that love took hold
I gave heart and soul to you.
'Twas then your love for me grew cold
and you told me we were through.

To another you would to be true
and faithful to the end
and all that you could offer me
was just to be my friend.

Confused and with a broken heart
I cried like ne'er before.
With passion such as I loved you,
I vowed I'd love no more.

And though many years have come and gone
And I've gotten over you,
To that vow I made that night
I have been and still am true.

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