Sunday, October 13, 2013

New release coming soon

Caught at the Edge, by Raymond Storm will be released soon as an ebook. This book shows the horror of the everyday lives of many children caught up in the culture of warring street gangs as they are exploited by drug cartels. Is there a redemption for these forgotten, throw-away kids? Read Xaviar's story.

The author says this about his novel:

This book comes with a strong warning. I pull no punches and I paint a harsh picture. But I withhold judgment, as I’ve learned over the years that only God, who knows the heart and mind of everyone, can judge us. As for me, I can only follow God’s example of unconditional love for everyone.
The story you are about to read is filled with pain, death, hate, wars, danger, and a vivid portrayal of the street life of fifteen kids who became hired guns for the Mexican cartel. Xaviar and the others are fictional characters, but the life they illustrate is all too real. But this book also has another story that can change the way you look at the streets. As you read, I challenge you to feel the emotions these kids go through and watch the struggles that will make you say, “this couldn’t happen” only to realize that it happens every day. Find the hope inside a life that seemed hopeless, and, most importantly, see how the hope can change a life, before your very eyes.
Yes, there are two stories in this book, one of the pain-filled life of children who are mostly left to grow up on their own without the security of love and guidance. It takes place in the mid 1980s. The alternating second story, the story of redemption and change, begins in the mid to late 1990s to 2,000.

Caught at the Edge was chosen for publication with Dark Trails Press because of its vivid portrayal of lives that need our attention, understanding, and intervention. Reading this story will bring understanding and compassion for the young people, allowing the suspension of judgement for a class of kids we tend to condemn and ignore. Let's not do that anymore.

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