Saturday, October 19, 2013

Raymond Storm, Author, Caught at the Edge

Raymond Storm, author of Caught at the Edge, has lived through a firestorm of danger, violence, intrigue, and sorrow, much like the lives of the characters in his novel. Upon becoming a Christian and seeing that there is a better way to live, a way filled with hope, love, and understanding, he wanted to help the kids who are caught in the same trap he was. He decided to write a story to depict exactly what life on the streets is like, the dangers that lurk in every shadow, and sometimes masquerade as a way to adventure, riches, and prestige.

He wants to tell the kids that gang violence doesn't pay. He wants to tell society that there are kids who have no other alternative and know of no other way—and end up both killing and being killed. The pictures painted in this book are not always pretty. The anguish and suffering are real. There are kids who live this life, every day. Kids that need intervention and better choices.

But mostly, Raymond wants to show the readers of this book, both the parents, the children, the average citizen, and the criminals who prey on these kids that there is a way to find help and refuge. Raymond found it through Christianity. He found it through many organizations established to give shelter and nurture to boys headed in the wrong direction.

As he says in a note at the beginning of the book:
"This book comes with a strong warning. I pull no punches and I paint a harsh picture. But I withhold judgment, as I’ve learned over the years that only God, who knows the heart and mind of everyone, can judge us. As for me, I can only follow God’s example of unconditional love for everyone.
"The story you are about to read is filled with pain, death, hate, wars, danger, and a vivid portrayal of the street life of fifteen kids who became hired guns for the Mexican cartel. Xaviar and the others are fictional characters, but the life they illustrate is all too real. But this book also has another story that can change the way you look at the streets. As you read, I challenge you to feel the emotions these kids go through and watch the struggles that will make you say, “this couldn’t happen” only to realize that it happens every day. Find the hope inside a life that seemed hopeless, and, most importantly, see how the hope can change a life, before your very eyes."

Raymond Storm

Raymond's book is now available on Amazon as an ebook. 

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