Friday, November 8, 2013

Two Pronged Novel—Two Stories, Loss and Redemption

Raymond Storm, author

The author of the true-to-life novel, Caught at the Edge, tells two stories in alternating scenes. He tells of the loneliness, fear, and danger experienced by children and teens living in abusive homes and on the streets, and the exploitation of these vulnerable and "disposable" children by the drug cartels. The other story is of caring adults who reach out to rescue and redeem these forgotten kids. Through the portrayal of the hard life of Xaviar, an abused child as he becomes a belligerent and dangerous teen, the author, shows how a young man, when he reaches rock bottom, can be saved by someone who cares enough to reach out. In this story, it is a devout Christian man who intervenes and offers Xaviar a chance at a better life. Xaviar embraces the new-found hope and forgiveness and dedicates his life to showing kids like himself the love and direction they need. 

There are two messages in this book. One is that kids without love and security can easily fall into a life of crime, become involved in gang wars, and be manipulated as hired guns and drug runners for the cartels. The other is that compassion and understanding can give these lost boys a chance for a better, safer, more productive lifestyle. There are Christian, Buddhist, and nonreligious organizations that provide homes and shelters and outreach programs. More are needed. It is hoped that young people who suffer abuse and abandonment will read this book, realize they are not alone, and find help. It is hoped that this book, though fiction, will raise awareness and empathy for these forgotten and misunderstood teens and preteens and prompt caring people to offer help.


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