Monday, November 25, 2013

A note from author, Raymond Storm

Dear Readers,

I am super thankful for your interest in this site and my book, Caught at the Edge. I am an ex-gang member who has lived the street life. I have stood face to face with killers, I have been shot, stabbed, and left for dead. I gave orders to more men than most corporate CEOs, and I have watched many of my friends die. I lived in the streets and would have died for the streets. Now, as a man of faith, I know it was God who saved me from the streets.

Why write this book? To bring to light what the Cartel has been doing to kids since the early 80's—making them into soldiers. The best soldier is the one that has nothing to lose.
I know what it means to be that kid. I have seen every loss you can imagine, every pain you can inflict, and most types of abuse as a child. I learned to hate when I was very young. I thrived on it. To be honest, it is what drove me—that bitter taste of hate.

Some will say about Caught at the Edge, "Oh this is just some kind of religious book." Please let me assure you that it is much more than that. Before being published, I allowed men of known gangs read it: Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, leaders of prison gangs, and the likes. I have watched some pretty hard men hand me back the book with tears in their eyes. To know that someone else knew their struggles and made it through, touched them.

May I be so bold as to place a challenge before you? Allow me to take you on a journey like no other. Let me show you what hides in the dark recess of the streets. Like a football coach, I will run you through the gambit, but instead of plays, it will be emotions. I give you my word that this book will affect you. If it doesn't, I will send you a handwritten apology. Now if this book moves you, then please tell your family and friends about it.

Thank you for your time.
Be Blessed,


You can find Storm's book here

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