Friday, April 25, 2014

Poems, short stories, essays, book reviews

Besides our one novel, by Raymond Storm, we are now open to publish poetry and other short creative pieces right here on our blog. If you wish to have your work published, please email it, and I will post it here as long as it meets our standards. I won't publish pornography or anything that exploits children.

For starters, here is a poem written about the grief of losing a loved one.

by Janet Muirhead Hill

With stealth, grief prowls
in the shadows of my mind
like a hunter

For just the right moment
to release its arrow
from a tightly strung bow
to pierce my consciousness
mid stride
    I falter
            bite my lip and turn away

to hide my tears
and falling face
until I can smile again,
shoving back memory's dart
and spurning it's bold sting
    and proclaim
            I am fine

Except in the shadows of my mind.

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