Thursday, October 16, 2014

Death and Dead Emotions

Having lost my dear sister and best friend last year, I'm at a loss of how to feel as I see another best friend, my editor, and mentor for more than fifteen years approach the end of life and enter hospice care. I wrote this poem in an attempt to express my reaction to this news.


Sorrow sits upon the shelf
High above my head.
Unwilling to look inside myself,
I avoid what I most dread.

And so I find I do not feel,
My mind and body, numb.
The source of pain seems so unreal
That tears refuse to come.

For facing another loss to death
Is much too hard to do.
And so I find I hold my breath
And wish more life for you.

Dearest friend, I love you so
I'm loathe to say goodbye
But I see that you will sometime go,
And in time, I know I'll cry.

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