Monday, November 10, 2014

Life's Choices, a poem by Janet Muirhead Hill and the Rimers

I'm thankful for the inner muse I call my "rimers" whose voices I hear in rhyming rhythm when I'm not too busy to listen.
Here is a scribbled poem from an old notebook. 

Over, under, around and through
direction in life is up to you.
Circumnavigate the globe
or sit at home and pull your lobe.

Meet the challenges head on straight
or crawl beneath the bed and wait.
How you react to circumstances
depends on readiness to take chances.

Listening to inner or outside voices
will influence the way you make your choices.
Whatever they be, you'll keep being taught
by the consequences of the choices you've bought.

Through time and trial and introspection
life will teach you truth detection
until you learn the best thing to do
is to your own soul be ever true.

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