Monday, January 5, 2015


New Years Resolutions, by R. Grieves

New Year's resolutions?
Not making them this year,
For in mere months, sometimes days
I break them, that is clear.

Instead I'm setting goals
That are possible to achieve.
Things I want that I can control,
If only I believe.

I'm shunning rules full of don'ts
or promises I cannot keep
Like don't eat that, you will get fat.
Work harder; get more sleep.

Clean your houses and organize,
Be careful what you eat.
Instead I set this goal for me:
Be kind to everyone I meet.

And when it comes daily tasks
I'll give my very best
But will not flagellate myself
 If it seems I failed the test.

Sure, my days are numbered.
That's how it's always been
But I am here, and this is now
I'll live the day I'm in.

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