Saturday, January 10, 2015

Life, Really?

by R. Grieves

Life, they say, is for the living,
but it's such an illusive thing.
They say that life's is ever giving,
With the daily "presents" it does bring.

I will not argue that it's not true,
But what of the future and the past
And why must death be our just due?
If life's so great, why can't it last?

Do I sound bitter? Well I am sad.
From seeing loved ones gone.
For most, their ends were very bad
A most unpleasant moving on.

No matter how long since they've been dead
I miss them everyday.
And there are some, I know, will dread
The day death ends my stay.

Could I choose, I would not go.
For loved ones and work, I'd stay,
But the poor, unhappy plan,
Has taken my choice away.  

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