Friday, January 9, 2015

Night Life

Night Life, by Janet Muirhead Hill

A whole nother life, I live you see
When I am sleeping peacefully
A life of which I've not control
And yet I live there, heart and soul.

I immerse myself in what's going on
Until I wake, and then it's gone.
A dream journal, I do not keep
I just enjoy the life I have in sleep,

Adventures of all kinds and places
Known only in dreams: great open spaces
Houses with a million rooms
Nooks and crannies the size of tombs.

Sometimes I'm driving in a car
Or walking naked on a lonely bar.
Horses, birds and mythical creatures
Talk to me; become my teachers

I enjoy the life I live at night
Which slowly fades with the morning light.
For it takes some time when I awake
To determine which life is mine to make.

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